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Jean-Lou Descamps, fiddle, oud, tambura
Coming from a classical background (violin), he works and records on stage with a variety of eclectic artists:

Baroque music (Aromates/Michèle Claude), French music (Francis Cabrel, William Sheller, Jane Birkin), Jazz (Chico Freeman, Richard Galliano, David Murray), traditional and folk music (Chieftains – Ireland, Sarrochi - Corsican songs, Abed Azrié - Middle east)…

He performs medieval music with the following ensembles: EIA (Ex-Ultreia, Musée National du Moyen-Age), Obsidienne, Millenarium, Galata, Amadis, Ligeriana, and Perceval. He is the co-founder of Decameron, a group performing music from Trecento Italy.

He is an arranger and composer and has worked on many recordings. He plays a medieval viol from Judith Kraft (1975) and a traditional style cither (tamboura).

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