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Samir Hammouch, qanun

Author, composer, and musician, specialist in music of the orient, Samir studied the quanoun, voice, and oriental and arab- andalusian percussion at the conservatory of Meknès-Marocco. 

His passion for oriental and arab-andolusian music has brought him to perform in a number of festivals in Europe and in Arab countries.

To promote the richness of oriental music, he has founded two ensembles: JUSSOUR in 2013 and CHEMS in 2015. 
He is the artistic director of both groups.

A passionate teacher, Samir is regularly invited to give master-classes in conservatories notably in Toulouse in May 2016.  He runs practical workshops in oriental music in associations and music schools (la Casa Musical 2015/16). He also directs projects with schools and other institutions.

He has collaborated on the arrangement and recording of a number of projects, including:

Ensemble Kafila : oriental music 
Ensemble Mosaica : occitan châabi 
Maayan : sephardi song 
Najib et trio : words from France 
Ensemble ISHA : hebrew jazz
Enfance Rouge : oriental rock 
Ensemble VEZIANA : medieval music
Ensemble JUSSOUR : sacred arab- andalusian music
CHEMS : oriental fusion  
Alem Sûre Garcia : music conference

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