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Claire Mérigoux
Voice & Direction


"lumineuse, son chant touche les profondeurs de l'être..."

"une sensibilité rare, touchante et inspirée qui invite au voyage"

"Un instant de grâce et de beauté, hors du temps"

"Révélatrice de potentiels"

"Bergère des temps modernes"

"sage-femme de la voix"



Born in a contextinternational, it's betweenWest and EastClaire's voice takes off.



She foundsODO Togetherin 2013, his own company for research, creation and musical interpretation. She implants it inresidence at the Abbey of Cluny, Center des Monuments Nationaux 2016 to 2022 and ensures its distribution in France and on theinternational scene.


She founds,DIALOGUS DE MUSICA Centerwhich produces a festival, a choir, creative residencies, organizes events, training courses and the Compagnie ODO Ensemble.


In 2019, she directs the first edition of theDIALOGUS DE MUSICA Festival at Cluny Abbey(early music, world music and lutherie) in co-production with the Center des Monuments Nationaux and the National Center for Musical Creation VOCE in Pigna, Corsica.


It organizes in 2021,thes Timeless Nightsin Cluny.


She studied piano and flute from the age of 6.  child soloist, she took her first singing lessons with Nicole Fallien and joined theMastery of Burgundyat age 8, then the Hauts-de-Seine Master’s degree, under the direction ofFrancis Bardot,chief ofChildren's Choir of the Paris Opera.She collaborates in opera productions and participates in many concerts, from the Salle Pleyel to the Invalides, in various festivals, in France and abroad.


As an adult, she specializes inearly, medieval and polyphonic music, reading and interpretation, improvisation and ornamentation. She moved towards traditional music and world music, first with therMediterranean and Corsican feminine repertoireand will also deepen his vocal training, his experience and his research with Olivier Marcaud, Paul Van Nevel (Huelgas Academy),Frederic Faye, Nicole Casalonga, and finally Marcel Pérès (Organum ensemble) with whom she then collaboratedto renew the ties that united Cluny and Moissac in the 11th century by organizing the Diagonales d'Automne in Cluny between 2017 and 2019.

At the same time, Claire isgraduateen Management of Development and Humanitarian Actions andin Art therapy (Rncp).



  • Claire performs in France and internationally such as Norway, United States, Germany, Poland, Iran, South Korea, Spain, Greece, etc., and has beeninvited to sing at the Seoul National Theater,at Sori Festival, Festivoce in Corsica...

  • Claire collaborates with many artists likeBallake Sissoko, Kengo Saito, Rishab Prasanna, Carlo Rizzo, Martin Bauer...and with different sets.

  • Claire participates inJérôme Casalonga's Polyphonic Opera, a production of the Center National de Création Musicale Voce in Pigna, Corsica,"E Supplicant", according to Aeschylus' Suppliants between 2018 and 2020.

  • It is produced with his company byZaman Production (Alain Weber)for the creation of ODO Ensemble "The Roads of Gold".

  • In 2021, she is releasing theRecord "MESOGEIOS, The Song of Women in the Mediterranean"recorded at the Pigna Auditorium in Corsica atCNCM Voice.

  • Shestage, plays and sings for an awareness show "The Mask of Silence"which addresses the theme of sexual violence. 

  • She sings and arranges "The Hymn of the Angels" a song from the Syriac Byzantine liturgy for thefilm "ETUGEN" by Arnaud Riouat Bagan Films which will be released in theaters on January 5, 2023 and on the soundtrack CD of the film.

  • Today, Claire develops all the more thecomposition and improvisationwhich is directly inspired by its roots and origins. She feeds on her experience, and encounters with the artists with whom she dialogues in music, as well as the traditions in which she immersed herself or that she was able to cross during her travels. It is part of a process of research and creation, which explores new dimensions, which seeks the grace of the ephemeral in a universal music which comes to us from our ancestors,a lively, current music, inscribed in the DNA of our humanity.


Beyond creations and concerts, Claire intervenes fortraining, internships, workshops, workshops and masterclasses,within the framework of festivals, conservatories, companies, institutions, associations.


She works with a variety of audiences: artistsprofessionals,therapists, neophytes, students, amateurs, mainly with groups.


She focuses her interventions according to the audience: type of repertoire, birth of the voice, blossoming of potential, vocal expression, artistic identity,   the voice in the body, stage presence.


It also offers, in certain frameworks,the voice as a tool for personal development, therapy and a path to resilience. 


She has oneapproachvoice holistic. Clearhas developed its own methodwho is inspired both ofvocal techniques  western classics, only  oral transmission et of thetraditional cantoral practices. 

She teaches and transmits repertoiresold and traditionalworld, musiccontemporary et his own compositions. She forms atpolyphonic singingand toimprovisation.





Le chant de la Naissance - Claire Merigoux
 Le chant guérisseur - Claire Merigoux
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