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ODO Together
World Music for Soul & Peace
"Founded and directed by Claire Merigoux, ODO Ensemble is a company of research, creation and interpretation of ancient, traditional and current music of the world which had as its cradle the Abbey of Cluny, Center of National Monuments, where it been in permanent residence for six years (2016 to 2022).
Composed of more than twenty exceptional artists of multiple origins and various musical horizons, ODO Ensemble restores, preserves, promotes, diffuses and transmits the treasures of the songs of humanity.
ODO has its roots in ancient music and dialogues with the traditional cultures of the world, leaving room for the imagination and improvisation, while relying on a solid historical culture, the fruit of research, encounters and collecting. .
ODO Together create a bridge between various styles and eras and crosses space and time. 
The company performs in France, Europe and internationally. 
Beyond the concerts, ODO Ensemble offers seminars, cultural or educational workshops for a wide variety of audiences: schools, universities, professionals, museums..."

Claire Merigoux, 2022

Claire Merigoux, singer, artistic director of ODO Ensemble, Director of the Dialogus de Musica Festival, Vocal therapy, World Music, Specialist in Polyphony and Mediterranean songs, Composer, author

Claire Merigoux - Management

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