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Claire Merigoux, direction, vocals
Martin Bauer, viola da gamba
Dimitri Boekhoorn, harps
Jean-Lou Descamps, fiddle, oud, cittern and nyckelharpa
Samir Hammouch, qanun
Carlo Rizzo, percussion


ODO Ensemble-La Saga des Lusignan - medieval music - traditional music - world music - early music

A great moment of music, emotion and beauty. A high-level concert offered by musicians and singers accustomed to European tours.

JFR (The East - Republican)

"ODO Charm et bewitches... 

Mélusine et la Saga des Lusignan, a show of ancient and traditional music, is a creation of “Odo Ensemble” which takes up residence in Cluny. The group received a long standing ovation. The highlighting of old instruments brings additional resonance to this traveling art that fascinates us and to our roots. A journey through a wonderful musical tale of emotion and discovery had a beautiful effect on very attentive children, eyes and ears filled. CLP (Jsl)

"The magnificent chapel was illuminated with a rare interiority and an elegant sound for all the large public gathered on Wednesday evening thanks to the charisma of the ODO ensemble, a specialist in medieval music, who came to offer a concert of ancient and traditional music. .." CM (Jsl)

In the 14th century, the poet Jean d'Arras wrote down the origins and the achievements of a family with an exceptional destiny: the Lusignans. Born of the love of the fairy Persine and a king of Scotland, the lineage begins, it is believed, with the union of their daughter, the fairy Mélusine, "Mère-Lusigne", mysterious snake-woman, and Raymondin de Lusignan, nephew of a Count of Poitiers.


From this great myth, the Lusignans draw their prestige: from a rather modest lineage, they will become by their feats of arms Kings of Cyprus, where they will hold an enlightened court of artists, but also Princes of Antioch, Kings of Armenia and above all, Kings of Jerusalem.


ODO Ensemble retraces the course of the Lusignan saga musically: Scottish, Vendée and Breton Celtic music, songs from the Crusades, cantigas from Santa Maria, works by the genius Guillaume de Machaut, friend of the Lusignans and other pieces from Ars Nova, Christian music from the Orient.

Live in Cluny


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