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Ten fingers for twenty-one strings, and the magic works, surely, calmly. Ballaké Sissoko embraces us with his suave and crystalline sound at the same time, his kora magnified by his talents as a melodist and improviser.


Ballaké Sissoko is the son of Djelimady Sissoko, grand master of the Mandinka kora, this twenty-one-string harp whose crystalline sound has won over international audiences. Ballaké is one of the best kora players of the new generation. He started to learn this instrument from an early age at his father's school. After having been part of the prestigious Instrumental Ensemble of Mali and accompanied by many Malian singers, he became known by performing solo, in duets with Toumani Diabate, with Taj Mahal and many musicians.


Open to all adventures and encounters, he is a gifted instrumentalist who, drawing inspiration from tradition, has forged a personal style. An inspired improviser, a fine melodist, he is a marvelous accompanist and an excellent composer. His group Mandé Tabolo, made up of Mama Draba (vocals), Fassery Diabaté (balafon), Adama Tounkara (n'goni), Aboubacar Dembelé (bolon), was created on the occasion of the Special Mali, organized by the Comédie de Valence in January 2000. He then performed in Mali and then at the Festival Musiques Métisses in Angoulême. His last album, “Deli”, was produced at the Gil Evans studio in Amiens, in June 2000. This production took place in a relaxed atmosphere, a bit like a jam session or a Cuban descarga. The disc reflects this.


Emotion, elegance, freshness and invention are at the service of one of the most beautiful musics in the world.

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