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ODO Ensemble, The Night of Inspiration at the Abbey of Cluny, dialogue and improvisation, poetry of music, Ballaké Sissoko, Claire Merigoux, Mosin Khan Kawa, Rishab Prasanna, Carlo Rizzo, Kengo Saito, Martin Bauer, Dimitri Boekhoorn, Gregory Coston, Jean-Lou Descamps


ODO Set  

Claire Merigoux: Direction and voice

Ballaké Sissoko, kora

Kengo Saito, sitar et afghan rubab

Rishab Prasanna, bansuri

Gregory Coston, nay

Martin Bauer, viola da gamba

Jean-lou Descamps, oud, Corsican cetera, bowed fiddle

Mosin Khan Kawa, tablas

Carlo Rizzo, polytimbral tambourine, Italian tamburello, daf

Dimitri Boekhoorn, Celtic harp




An original and unique creation that leaves no one indifferent. 


Soothing, stimulating, transcendent...


It is a concert/concept whose goal is to bring together a certain number of artists from the ODO Ensemble company and to propose to live a magical and suspended time, a poetic, philosophical, ethnological journey for both the public and the artists. , around the different musical themes of ODO's repertoire.


Leave room for dialogue through the universal language which is music and improvisation punctuated by a series of solos, duets, trios,... and tutti, to make heard the sounds of related instruments, the journey of melodies, the influences cultural and ancestral roots of musicians.

Let the grace of the ephemeral emerge, by creating the conditions for listening that leads as much to introspection as to a form of awakening that connects us to others, to the universe, to the dimension of the Sacred, to a way spirituality and "the call of the Open". ("When the distant becomes close", Philippe Charru, Seuil, 2011)

Claire Merigoux, Singer Artistic Direction, Cluny 2021

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