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Samir Hammouch

Author, composer, performing musician, specialist in oriental music, Samir a studied qanoun, singing and oriental and Arab-Andalusian percussion at the conservatory of Meknes – Morocco._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_

Samir is also a lawyer by training.

His passion for oriental and Arab-Andalusian music led him to perform at many festivals in Europe and in Arab countries.


Pour promouvoir la richesse de la musique orientale, il fonde  deux ensembles : JUSSOUR en 2013 et CHEMS  en 2015. 

He en  takes over the artistic direction. 


Passionate about transmission and pedagogy, Samir is regularly invited for master-classes in conservatories, notably at Toulouse  in May 2016. -136bad5cf58d_animates collective practice workshops en oriental music in associations and music schools (La Casa Musicale 2015/16).

He also manages projects at sein d'entreprises scolaires.


He collaborated for the arrangement and recording of different projects:  


  • Kafila ensemble: oriental music 

  • Mosaica set: Occitan châabi 

  • Maayan: Sephardic song 

  • Najib and trio: words from France 

  • ISHA Ensemble: Hebrew Jazz 

  • Red Childhood: Oriental Rock 

  • Ensemble VEZIANA: medieval music

  • Ensemble JUSSOUR: sacred music arabo-andalouse

  • CHEMS: oriental fusion  

  • Alem Sûre Garcia: musical conference




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