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Carlos Rizzo


Carlo Rizzo, born in Mestre (Venice) in 1955, was destined for painting after obtaining his state diploma at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, but he suddenly branched off into music, which until then was not for him only a pastime.

In 1979, he discovered the tambourine thanks to Alfio Antico and Raffaele Inserra, two traditional percussionists from southern Italy... but he continued his learning on his own and gradually discovered, through traditional repertoires, but also early music and the most contemporary research, all the possibilities of percussion played by hand.

The performer in him doubles as an inventor, because to go even further, he comes to create two new instruments, the polytimbral tambourine and the multitimbral tambourine, which allows him to adapt to each of these repertoires that he made his astonishing virtuosity and his sense of improvisation his own.

Carlo Rizzo has been playing solo since 1992 in concerts mixing percussion and singing.

The major national stages and international festivals program it regularly.

Since 1988, he has created or participated in the creation of some thirty ensembles which have enabled him to feel equally at ease in traditional, early, contemporary or jazz music.


In 2001, Carlo Rizzo was made a Knight of Arts and Letters

Currently he plays in the following teams:

Carlo Rizzo in Solo Percussion and traditional Italian song, Trio instrumental Italian music and traditional song, Trio Alla Francesca, Tambour Quartet, Gira, gira, gira, Acqua di Cielo, Duo Rizzo - Mindy, Duo Hamon - Rizzo, Duo Rizzo - Piccioni, Duo Clastrier - Rizzo, Al Funduq, Prozession Création, Ony Wytars Mediterraneum / Crai Crai Crai

He composed Tammurriata (commissioned by the CFMI of Lyon in 1991) - Poliritmia (commissioned by the Festival Les 38e Rugissants in 1992) - La Fête des Reugnes (State commission in 1993) - Toscane (State commission in 1998) - Canto Ritmico (commissioned by the CFMI of Lyon in 2000) - Lumiera (commissioned by Résonance Contemporaine, creation in June 2000) - Les Trans(e)tambourins (State commission in 2003, production by the Festival Les 38e Rugissants) - La caress de la silk (commissioned by Addim Haute Saône in 2006) - Fondaco Nuovo (commissioned by Addim Drôme in 2006) - L'envol (commissioned by the City of Tullins-Isère, creation in 2008) - Pas de Géants (commissioned by Faubourg des Musiques of the City of Lille, creation in 2008) - Da vicino e da lontano (commissioned by the City of Saint Martin d'Hères, creation in 2009) - Du signe au son (commissioned by the City of Méricourt, creation in 2009) - Rhytmhus (commissioned by Vosges Arts Vivants in 2010) .

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