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Cecile Collardey

Cécile studied the viola at the conservatory of Rueil-Malmaison, lyrical and folk singing with her guitar, according to her encounters. Classically trained and a self-taught musician, she immersed herself in oral tradition music from all walks of life at a very young age. She has thus constituted a musical breeding ground enriched during stays in distant lands, notably in Sweden, Hungary, or Japan where she stays for a few years after having

learned Japanese.

After having played in an instrumental ensemble of dance music to accompany folk balls, she worked and developed within the Gaia Voci ensemble, a repertoire of Occitan, Italian or Sephardic music and songs, which offered her the possibility of combining voices and instruments, by arranging traditional pieces, or by setting texts to music, having at heart to perpetuate the great poetic traditions like that of Occitania.


The meeting with Marcel Pérès, director of the Organum ensemble, opens the way to medieval song, according to an interpretation that intimately links ancient sacred music to oral traditions. Since 2009, she has been a member of the Ensemble Organum and has sung in festivals in France and Europe such as the festival of ancient music in Antwerp, or more recently the festival of the monastery of Las Huelgas in Spain.

At the same time, she explores the art of accompanying storytelling, thanks to the collective Les Bouches à oreille, and puts on musical storytelling shows, in duet with a storyteller : Au hollow a tree, Italian Tales etc. She also learned popular Italian singing from the singer Lucilla Galeazzi.

She presents the Cylsée musical project on the basis of her compositions in Occitan, Italian dialects, French or English, all of which is closely linked to Mediterranean oral traditions.

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